Bordeaux town hall set on fire in France pension protests

Fire engulfs the building’s front as violence flares in several cities during pension reform protests.

World Athletics Council Bans Transgender Athletes from Track and Field

Track and field banned transgender athletes from international competition Thursday, while adopting new regulations that could keep Caster Semenya and other athletes with differences in sex development from competing.

Ukraine war: The front line where Russian eyes are always watching

The Ukrainian stronghold where, despite months of vicious attacks, the Russians have gained just 10 metres.

Local court sentences Rahul Gandhi to jail for Modi joke

India’s opposition leader was convicted of defamation for comments about PM Narendra Modi’s surname.

Operation Blessing Medical Team Helping in Turkey: ‘It’s Only Possible Because of Our Donors’

The government in Turkey is working hard to meet the needs of millions of earthquake victims. Sadly, some victims are falling through the cracks. That’s where CBN’s Operation Blessing comes in.

US raises interest rates despite banking turmoil

The Federal Reserve moves borrowing costs higher as it focuses on efforts to stabilise prices.

US Navy Intel Commander Warns China’s ‘Messianic’ Totalitarian Leader Planning a Taiwan War with USA

TAIPEI, Taiwan – China represents the world’s number one challenge of the 21st century. 

That warning comes from the head of America’s Office of Naval Intelligence as the Communist nation builds its military might across the Pacific. 

The tiny island of Taiwan finds itself in Beijing’s crosshairs with continued signs of a possible Chinese invasion. 

Ketto India Marks National Crowdfunding Day By Raising Awareness Among The Youth – The Future Of Tomorrow

Ketto India Marks National Crowdfunding Day By Raising Awareness Among The Youth – The Future Of Tomorrow

Mumbai:  A journey started in 2012 with ambition and eyes full of dreams. With persistent efforts, Ketto today is Asia’s largest online crowdfunding platform. Back then, Ketto India began a cause-driven journey to positively impact multiple lives. The firm celebrated its very first National Crowdfunding Day event on the 14th of March, 2023 and the company aims to continue the legacy of the crowdfunding day every year.

Kunal Kapoor, a well-known actor and the Co-founder of Ketto, was a part of the event and spoke about the value of crowdfunding. Upasana NGO owners Dipti Kashalkar and Saurabh Kashalkar along with the change maker social media influencers invited to the event were able to expand their perspectives on fund-raising.

‘A thought to initiate something that creates a huge impact on society could take a few seconds, but the execution demands dedication and energy. We began our journey with a positive mindset in order to not only push ourselves to be better, but also to make a difference in people’s lives.’ says Varun Sheth CEO and Co-founder of Ketto India

The event was informative, with panel discussions and a one-on-one session followed by a fun activity hosted by Vinay Kapari, the illusionist to engage the audience. The aim was to establish awareness of crowdfunding among the youth and stakeholders.

‘What is important to us? Every small step towards a new and promising beginning! We think that the first person to start something good is always us; only we have the power to make a difference.  As change is the only constant in the world, it is our responsibility to ensure that we don’t just anticipate it but also put it into practice, added Kunal Kapoor Actor and Co-founder of Ketto India

About Ketto: is Co-founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and Actor Kunal Kapoor with an aim to bridge the affordability gap. enables people to raise funds for health and medical emergencies, natural calamities, education, travel, short-term emergency needs, sports, competitions, arts, animal welfare, women empowerment, and many more. Ketto’s primary objective is to use technology to optimize efficiency, reduce redundancy, and increase impact by targeting the social sector of the country.

The company is closely working with hospitals, NGOs, and individuals to bring positive change to the community. In the last decade, the brand has raised over INR 1,100 crores for various causes, with more than 5 million donors contributing to these campaigns.


Ketto India Marks National Crowdfunding Day By Raising Awareness Among The Youth – The Future Of Tomorrow

OPERATION MAYFAIR Star Anjali Sharma Gives A Sneak Peek Of Her Character Melinda Check It Out

OPERATION MAYFAIR Star Anjali Sharma Gives A Sneak Peek Of Her Character Melinda Check It Out

Actress Anjali Sharma, who is making her BIG Bollywood debut, gave a sneak peek of her character ‘Melinda’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Operation Mayfair’ on March 20.

The diva shared couple of pictures from the sets of the movie and wrote “Pehli film ka pehla din” Can’t wait for you guys to meet Melinda! #operationmayfair in Cinemas near you on 24th March.

Dressed in green dress, the diva was happily seen posing with the clapboard in one of the pictures. The post also garnered much interest from her followers and was flooded with comments.

Earlier, the makers dropped the official trailer of the movie which is helmed by Sudipto Sarkar. Along with Anjali Sharma, the film stars Jimmy Shergill, Ankur Bhatia, Vedieka Dutt, Hritiqa Chheber, Sneha Singh and Vedant Sarkar.


OPERATION MAYFAIR Star Anjali Sharma Gives A Sneak Peek Of Her Character Melinda Check It Out


Ukraine war: Three dead as Russia launches new attack on cities

Russian forces target several Ukrainian cities, while explosions are heard in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Trailer Of Producer Director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s Web Series BEING TRAPPED Launched Based On The Issue Of Online Fraud

Trailer Of Producer Director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s Web Series BEING TRAPPED Launched  Based On The Issue Of Online Fraud

The poster and trailer of Producer-Director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s upcoming web series “Being Trapped” was launched at a grand event at Vyanjan Hall in Mumbai where the entire cast and crew were present. Unstoppable Pictures and Bonal Movies presents Being Trapped releasing on 22nd March. After the Pooja, the poster of this web series was unveiled, after which the trailer was shown, which was liked by everyone.

The series stars Parmanand Mishra, Nandini Kashyap and Inderjeet Singh in lead roles. Apart from him, Sachin Yadav has played the role of a Victim.

Director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s web series “Being Trapped” is produced by Deepak Kumar Mishra and Laxman Bodapatla, co-produced by Jannat Zubeida. The series is written by Writer Sarita, DOP Abhishek Roy, Makeup & Hairstylist Anjali Yadav, Casting Directors Mukim Sayyed, Rehan, Editors DK, Karan and Production is handled by SRV Team.

Producer director Deepak Kumar Mishra told that he has made many short films which have a social message. Being Trapped is also one such web series in which the big issue of today’s time has been shown. How some anti-social elements are active in social media these days and are looting people. This series is based on the same topic.

He further said that the gang of fraudsters involved in such incidents is active all over the country. Many boys and girls are engaged in the business of blackmailing. These fraudsters keep their eye on the numbers staying online till late night. By making a video call on WhatsApp or Messenger, the girl does obscene acts and her video is recorded, then they ask for lakhs of rupees.

Deepak Kumar Mishra told that since this matter is personal, many people send money to the blackmailer. That’s why I would like to say that if you do not befriend a stranger, then you can avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

As soon as a video call is received from an unknown number on WhatsApp, cyber criminals start their work of entrapment. Thugs demand money through online by making obscene video of the person in front on WhatsApp. If the money is not given, he threatens to make that objectionable video viral. Many people get trapped in this trap.

Deepak Kumar Mishra says that we have created this web series to spread awareness about such crimes. I want to tell the public that if anyone has become a victim of such fraudsters, do not be afraid, but lodge a complaint in the cyber cell of the police. The police will try to catch that thug.

Trailer Of Producer Director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s Web Series “Being Trapped” Launched, Based On The Issue Of Online Fraud

Bhargav Bhakti A Youtube Channel Specializes In Videos – Songs – Music – Bhajans And Mantras

Bhargav Bhakti  A Youtube Channel Specializes In Videos – Songs – Music – Bhajans And Mantras

In this channel, things related to Sanatan Dharma will be shown through videos, songs, music, bhajans and mantras. S K Tiwari has received education and traditional knowledge related to it. S K Tiwari says that Sanatan Dharma is very ancient and elaborate. It is difficult to study or know it all in one life.

Bhargava Bhakti Channel Detailed description of new forms of mothers in Navratri, new hymns and worship, twenty one songs dedicated to Lord Ganesha in twenty one days of Ganapati, Bhajans of Lord Shankar, glorification and aarti for thirty days of Shravan month.

Similarly, along with every Hindu festival,  the songs related to them are getting ready to reach the public through audio and video.

It has been more than twenty two years and till today and even further S K Tiwari has selflessly dedicated his life in the work of promoting Sanatan Dharma and taking it to people of the whole world.

It has been said that the things written in Sanatan Dharmagranth do not require any truth or proof. Today science itself is discovering and proving the things of Sanatan Dharma which people have ignored. NASA is still getting new information by researching these religious texts.

All these books are the gift of Our forefathers for all Sanatan Dharmis, by following which they can easily make their physical, divine, physical, economic life successful & peaceful.

There is no need for authenticity or certificate by science for the truth of Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan is the only religion, Sanatan is eternal, the rest are sects and creeds. Shrimad Bhagwat, Vedas and Puranas are above all and the ultimate truth.

S K Tiwari dedicates his entire life to Sanatan Dharma and its culture. Through his YouTube Channel, he will convey information related to Sanatan, songs & hymns, Rites, Mantra, audio video of worship method of thirty three crore deities to the public in a simple way. There will be no modernisation, commercialization or glamour in it. It’s Fully Sanatan Dharam. As Every Indian is Sanatani.


Bhargav Bhakti A Youtube Channel Specializes In Videos – Songs – Music – Bhajans And Mantras

CBN’s Operation Blessing Rallies on ‘World Water Day’ to Bring Clean Water to Struggling Communities

More than two billion people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. So Wednesday, March 22 has been named World Water Day to draw attention to this critical global need.

Calgary Pastor Arrested for Second Time After Protesting Drag Show at Public Library

A Calgary pastor was arrested for the second time on March 15 for protesting a drag queen story hour event at a public library. 

Putin: China peace plan could be basis to end war

But after talks with President Xi in Moscow, Mr Putin claims the West and Ukraine are not ready for peace.

Bible College Fires Professor Who Tweeted About Biblical Sexuality

A professor at a Bible college in the U.K. has been fired for tweeting that homosexuality “is invading the church.”

Japanese and Chinese leaders visit opposing capitals in Ukraine war

Both leaders are on strategic foreign visits on opposing sides of the conflict.

Ukraine says Russian missiles destroyed in Crimea

If confirmed as a Ukrainian attack, it would be a rare foray into the occupied region.

US urges Xi to press Putin over ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine

The Chinese and Russian leaders meet again on Tuesday during Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow.

US Missionary Aid Worker and French Journalist Freed in West Africa

An American aid worker held by Islamic extremists in West Africa for more than six years and a French journalist abducted almost two years ago were both freed Monday, authorities said.

Putin to Xi: We will discuss your plan to end the war in Ukraine

China’s leader, whose Ukraine plan has been criticised in the West, gets a warm welcome in Moscow.

UN climate report: Scientists release ‘survival guide’ to avert climate disaster

Technology is providing solutions but the climate forecast is worsening, scientists say in major report.

France pension reform: Macron’s government faces no confidence vote

They come after a pension reform bill was forced through parliament last Thursday.

Central banks to boost flow of US dollars amid market unease

Six central banks move to keep credit flowing worldwide after two big institutions collapsed.

Shahen Khan’s Spectacular Beach Holiday – Walking Reeling And Enjoying To The Fullest

Shahen Khan’s Spectacular Beach Holiday – Walking  Reeling And Enjoying To The Fullest

Shahen Khan is a well-known actress in the Indian film industry who has gained a lot of fame and popularity over the years. With her talent and gorgeous looks, she has won the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. With a massive social media following, Shahen Khan keeps her fans updated on her life by posting pictures and videos on her Instagram handle regularly.

Recently, the actress has been spending her holiday walking and enjoying on beaches and making beautiful reels. Her Instagram handle, @i_am_shahenkhan, is filled with pictures of her enjoying the serene beauty of the sea and sand. Her fans have been thrilled to see her enjoying herself and have showered her with love and appreciation.

Shaheen Khan recently featured a love song “Tere mere lamhe” musical album which has been a hit and appreciated by the audience. Shahen also a producer of short films like Laaltain , music albums and feature films in Bollywood film industry. Shaheen khan is also a trained beauty expert from VLCC , and fashion designer.Her Instagram feed is a perfect reflection of her personality, which is full of life, positivity, and creativity. Her posts give us a glimpse of her life, and her fans love to keep up with her every move

Through her Instagram account, Shahen Khan has shared pictures of her walking barefoot on the beach, enjoying the sunset, and collecting seashells. She has captured the breathtaking views of the ocean and the golden sand with her camera and has shared them with her fans.

Apart from this, the actress has also been making beautiful reels on Instagram. Her reels are a perfect blend of beauty, talent, and creativity. She has been seen dancing on the beach, enjoying the sea breeze, and making funny faces. Her reels have won the hearts of many, and her fans have expressed their love for her in the comments section.

Apart from her holiday posts, Shahen Khan’s Instagram handle is also filled with pictures from her shoots and events. Her outfits and styling have always been appreciated by her fans and fashion enthusiasts. Being a fashion designer herself she sets fashion goals with her unique and sophisticated sense of style.

Shahen Khan’s success story in the entertainment industry is worth taking inspiration from. The actress has come a long way since her debut and has worked hard to make a name for herself in the industry. She has also been associated with several charitable organizations and has been actively working towards causes that are important to her.

The actress has always been vocal about her love for her fans and has never shied away from expressing her gratitude towards them. Her fans have not only loved her for her talent, but also for her down-to-earth personality and kind nature.The actress continues to inspire her fans with her hard work and dedication towards her craft. We wish her all the success and happiness in her future endeavors.


Shahen Khan’s Spectacular Beach Holiday – Walking  Reeling And Enjoying To The Fullest

M Venkaiah Naidu Blessed Convocation Of Asian Education Group

M Venkaiah Naidu Blessed Convocation Of Asian Education Group

It is inspiring to hear the former Vice President of India Dr. M Venkaiah Naidu’s message of encouragement and motivation to the passing out students, faculty, members of the management, and parents at the joint convocation of Asian Business School, Asian School of Business and Asian Law College. His words reflect the importance of dedication, hard work, and love for the nation to make India a great country.

“It is also noteworthy to mention the significance of Indian education, culture, and diversity as assets of the country that are admired by the world. The reforms and changes brought in the system have paved the way for Indian nationals to reach new heights and contribute to the growing economy,” added M.Venkaiah Naidu while giving his convocation address.

“The emphasis on the word “ATMANIRBHAR,” which means being ambitious, techno-savvy, self-motivated, having a better attitude, being a nationalist, well-informed, research-oriented, believing in oneself, promoting humanity, being an all-rounder, and being result-oriented, is a reminder of the qualities that are essential for personal and professional growth,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor AAFT University and President Asian Education Group.

The presentation of awards and degrees to the students of ABS, ASB, and ALC, along with the Role of Honor and memento of Asian Education Group to Honorable M Venkaiah Naidu, reflects the spirit of solidarity and oneness among the educational institutions. The passing out students were greeted by Mohit Marwah and Akshay Marwah, members of the board, in a display of congratulations and support.

Overall, Dr. M Venkaiah Naidu’s address at the convocation underscores the need for all of us to come together and build a new India with our collective efforts, dedication, and hard work.

M Venkaiah Naidu Blessed Convocation Of Asian Education Group

Congratulations To Showman With Midas Touch Dr Krishna Chouhan For Most Successful Event Of Miss & Mrs India & Naari Shakti Samaan 2023 In Mumbai

Congratulations To Showman With Midas Touch Dr Krishna Chouhan  For Most Successful Event Of Miss & Mrs India & Naari Shakti Samaan 2023 In Mumbai


Mrs. India silver crown Maya Sargovari and golden crown Pragati Samaddar

Aarti Naagpal, Dilip Sen, Anchor Simran Ahuja, BN Tiwari, Dr Deepa Narayan Jha, Singer Ritu Pathak, Sunil Pal, Sujata Mehta received the trophy of ‘Miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman’ at the award ceremony.

Mumbai.  On the occasion of International Women’s Day, ‘Miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman 2023’ was grandly organized by Dr Krishna Chouhan on the evening of 15 March 2023 at Mayor Hall located in Andheri West, a suburb of Mumbai Metropolitan Region.  In this award ceremony presented by KCF, those women were honored who have done remarkable work of social service and human service.  At the same time, giving an excellent display of his art and personality, he has given a new direction to the society.  Many celebrities were present at the award ceremony organized by Dr Krishna Chouhan, including Aarti Nagpal, Dilip Sen, Anchor Simran Ahuja, BN Tiwari,

The names of Deepa Narayan Jha, Singer Ritu Pathak, Sunil Pal, Actress Sujata Mehta etc. are noteworthy.

Celebrity anchor Simran Ahuja anchored the program very well.

Actress Aarti Naagpal, Composer Dilip Sen, BN Tiwari,Dr Deepa Narayan Jha, Singer Ritu Pathak, Sunil Pal, Actress Sujata Mehta, Sheerin Farid, Social Worker Dr Anjali Dhamangaokar, Usha Kanojia, Dr Archana Deshmukh, Samira Mustafa, Bina Shab, Shaikh Shabana Ibrahim, Krishna Prakash Gajra, Meckup Artist Jaya Maheswari, Jyoti Ramchandra Mastekar, Actress Kamal Cheema, Jaya Thakur, Sonia Maheshwari, Sridipa Day, Sweety Shekhawat, Nikita Sharma (Model, Indore), Usha Kanojia,  Sweety Shekhawat, Reshma Shaikh (Bright), Prakash Tiwari Madhur Singer, Silly Saxena , Pravati Samaddar were honored with this award.  The jury members of the beauty contest were Dr Krishna Chouhan, Prem Gada and Dr. Bharti Chhabria.  In this competition, the winner of Miss India 2023, Anushree Umesh Desai, was declared while the first runner-up of Miss India 2023 was Moni, second runner-up Janhavi Rathod and third runner-up Sejal Jitendra Tiwari. Miss India 2023 Silver class winner was Maya Sargovari and DiSonia class winner was Pravati Samaddar.

This coved awards also presented to Keval Kumar chief editor Leo Media Digitals and other Media people.

Let us tell you that Dr Krishna Chouhan has been working as a filmmaker in the film industry for the last 20 years.  Along with this, he remains active in social work.  During the Corona period, he not only distributed ration to the needy but also presented Bhagavad Gita to the people.

Dr Krishna Chouhan also honors many journalists, photographers along with social workers, businessmen, people associated with the film industry in all his award functions.

It is noteworthy that Dr Krishna Chouhan is not only a Bollywood director, active social worker but also remains ahead in award functions.

Dr Krishna Chouhan is going to organize ‘Legend Dadasaheb Phalke 2023’ for the fourth time on his birthday, 4 May 2023.  This honor will be given to those who play an important role in the production of film, TV, web series.


Congratulations To Showman With Midas Touch Dr Krishna Chouhan  For Most Successful Event Of Miss & Mrs India & Naari Shakti Samaan 2023 In Mumbai

China’s Xi Meeting Putin in Boost for Isolated Russian Leader

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is due to meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow in a political boost for the isolated Russian president after the International Criminal Court charged him with war crimes in Ukraine. Xi’s government gave no details of what the Chinese leader hoped to accomplish in his visit that starts Monday. Xi and Putin declared they had a “no limits friendship” before last February’s attack on Ukraine, but China has tried to portray itself as neutral in the conflict. 

UBS agrees to rescue deal for troubled bank Credit Suisse

The deal, backed by the Swiss government, follows weekend-long talks aimed at preventing the bank’s collapse.

4 Powerful Reasons Why Revival Often Starts With Young People

Over the past month, we have watched as the fires of prayer and revival have swept across colleges and universities nationwide. Some of those, like Asbury, Lee, Samford, Cedarville, and Belmont are private Christian universities. LSU, Western Kentucky University, and Texas A&M are public institutions. This most recent outpouring is not selective.

Ukraine war: Putin pays visit to occupied Mariupol, state media reports

The Russian president toured the Ukrainian city devastated by Russian shelling, the Kremlin says.

Credit Suisse bank: UBS said to be in takeover talks with troubled rival

Emergency talks are reported in Zurich as regulators seek a deal for Credit Suisse before Monday.

Ex-US President Donald Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday

The former president calls for protests but his lawyer says there has been no word from prosecutors.

Imran Khan supporters clash with police outside court

Meanwhile police have entered the ground of the former PM’s home in Lahore.

Putin arrest warrant: Biden welcomes ICC’s war crimes charges

The International Criminal Court accuses the Russian leader of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children.

Putin arrest warrant issued over war crime allegations

The Russian president is wanted by the ICC for alleged war crimes during his Ukraine invasion.

US Missionary Pilot, 2 Volunteers Released from Mozambique Prison, but Prayer Still Needed

Ryan Koher, a pilot for the U.S.-based ministry Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), and two of the ministry’s South African volunteers were released from a Mozambican prison Tuesday afternoon, the organization announced. 

International Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin Over Ukraine War Crimes

The International Criminal Court said Friday it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes because of his alleged involvement in abductions of children from Ukraine.

Russia threatens to destroy Ukraine jets after Poland and Slovakia pledges

Slovakia becomes the second Nato country after Poland to offer fighter jets to Ukraine.

Many Are Escaping Iran, and ‘Hundreds Have Come to Faith in Jesus Christ’ in the Process

A groundbreaking cultural shift is underway across Iran. Months of protests against the regime have been brutally repressed by police, leaving more than 500 dead.  Hundreds of girls schools have seen their students hospitalized in a wave of poisonings. All the fear and uncertainty have left many looking for an escape.  

China’s Xi to meet Putin in Moscow next week

Xi Jinping is travelling to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin next week, the Chinese government confirms.

Ukraine will remember who backed us – foreign minister

Ukraine’s foreign minister tells the BBC nations that don’t back Ukraine will be held to account.

France pension protests: Clashes after Macron orders rise in pension age without vote

France’s president has sidelined MPs and forced through plans to raise the pension age from 62 to 64.

Russia’s Religious War: The Inventors of Disinformation Call to ‘Desatanize’ Ukraine, Target Moscow Jews Too

Russia is under the microscope for atrocities committed since the start of its war with Ukraine, from the killing and torture of religious leaders to the destruction of houses of worship. One Russian official even used the term “desatanization” to describe the plan to cleanse the nation of many religious groups.

Video shows moment Russian fighter jet hits US drone over Black Sea

The US had to crash the drone into the water after the collision over the Black Sea on Tuesday.

Bakhmut: Russian casualties mount but tactics evolve

The BBC has been given access to positions held by Ukrainian army brigades defending Bakhmut’s southern flank.

North Korea Launches ICBM Before South Korea-Japan Summit

North Korea has test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile hours before the leaders of South Korea and Japan meet in Tokyo at a summit expected to focus on North Korean threats. Thursday’s launch was the North’s first ICBM test in a month and third weapons test this week. It comes as South Korean and U.S. troops continue joint exercises Pyongyang considers a threat. 

North Korea fires long range missile ahead of Japan-South Korea talks

The ICBM marks Pyongyang’s fourth round of launches in a week as South Korea and Japan leaders meet.

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