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US raises interest rates despite banking turmoil

The Federal Reserve moves borrowing costs higher as it focuses on efforts to stabilise prices.

US Navy Intel Commander Warns China’s ‘Messianic’ Totalitarian Leader Planning a Taiwan War with USA

TAIPEI, Taiwan – China represents the world’s number one challenge of the 21st century. 

That warning comes from the head of America’s Office of Naval Intelligence as the Communist nation builds its military might across the Pacific. 

The tiny island of Taiwan finds itself in Beijing’s crosshairs with continued signs of a possible Chinese invasion. 

Ukraine war: Three dead as Russia launches new attack on cities

Russian forces target several Ukrainian cities, while explosions are heard in Russian-occupied Crimea.

CBN’s Operation Blessing Rallies on ‘World Water Day’ to Bring Clean Water to Struggling Communities

More than two billion people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. So Wednesday, March 22 has been named World Water Day to draw attention to this critical global need.

Calgary Pastor Arrested for Second Time After Protesting Drag Show at Public Library

A Calgary pastor was arrested for the second time on March 15 for protesting a drag queen story hour event at a public library. 

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