TRIBUTE TO THE LEGEND! Rajnikanth- “THE WARRIOR WITHIN” Author Seema Sonik Alimchand launches a biography on superstar Book unveiled by Sajid Khan‏

THE WARRIOR WITHIN” Author Seema Sonik Alimchand launches a biography on superstar Book unveiled by Sajid Khan

A handwritten note by the star’s older brother for the book is the ultimate blessing.

Title: “The Warrior Within”- 250 page biographical story of a Superstar.

Author: Seema Sonik Alimchand

The book launch was a starry affair. Filmmaker Sajid Khan unveiled Seema Sonik Alimchand’s biographical story on super star Rajnikanth. The filmmaker exhibited his fondness towards the superstar and spoke a few words about his rendezvous with Rajnikanth.

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The launch witnessed Sandhya Sonik Mamik and Vandana Sajnani khattar who both read a chapter each .

Seema Sonik Alimchand is a writer, presenter & producer. Born to a well known music composer of the Indian film Industry, Seema was naturally drawn to the world of cinema. Her book “THE WARRIOR WITHIN” is a biographical story of a superstar. It is the story of a star torn between the material and spiritual. As the book released today as a token of gift to Thalaivar, she says THE WARRIOR WITHIN” recounts Rajini’s career in meticulous detail, tracing his incredible cinematic journey from his very first film till now. Along the way, the book provides rare insights into the Thalaivar’s personal life, from his childhood days to his times of struggle—and then his eventual stardom: revealing how a legend was born”

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On a trek to the Himalayas, in search of the self, in search of Mahaavtaar Babaji, a superstar reminisces the last sixty years of his life. And herein begins the journey of a poor boy who rises from the ashes of poverty to the zenith of popularity, to become one of the highest paid film actors in the world.

“The Warrior Within” is the story of a star torn between the material and the spiritual.

The book has interviews with:-Hemaji, Bijon, Pankuj Parashar, Ananth Rao Gaekwad,  Swami Vishveshwarananda, Swamini Somashekhari and most
importantly Mr. Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad, Rajinikanth sir’s oldest brother.

The world-wide popularity of this superstar, his ascension and the intrigue of the spiritual world, make this, then, a story, with the potential to impact all, irrelevant of age, gender and country. His immense popularity in Japan, Singapore etc. opens up a window of opportunity for translations.

Her forthcoming book is Deedara, Dara Singh’s biography and is 80% complete. This is in collaboration with Daraji’s family and should be ready for release by early 2016.

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