Biden Blasts Russia in UN Speech as Moscow Threatens Nuclear War

President Joe Biden used his position on the world stage to remind members of the UN’s General Assembly that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 210 days ago was a clear violation of the global order.

Ukraine war: Zelensky calls for ‘just punishment’ for Russia

In an impassioned UN speech, the Ukrainian leader calls for the creation of a special war tribunal.

‘No One Who Fights Against God Wins’: 5 Priests and 3 Others Kidnapped, Church Building Torched

Five Catholic priests, one religious sister, and two lay people have been kidnapped by unknown gunmen after the attackers reportedly set a church building on fire in western Cameroon. The church burned to the ground. 

Biden Blasts Russia in UN Speech: ‘Extinguishing Ukraine’s Right to Exist’

President Biden used his position on the world’s stage at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday to emphasize America’s commitment to democracy and support of Ukraine. His appearance also came just hours after Vladimir Putin appeared to raise the threat level of the war by bringing up the use of nuclear weapons.

Ukraine conflict: Russia arrests hundreds at anti-war protests

Russia’s partial military call-up triggers protests – and a rush for flights to foreign destinations.

Ukraine war: Putin orders partial mobilisation after facing setbacks

The partial mobilisation comes after Russia faced a number of setbacks on the battlefield.

‘Russia Leaves Death Everywhere’: Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Eastern Ukraine

A mass grave holding hundreds of unknown civilians and Ukrainian military was found outside the recently retaken town of Izium, in the eastern part of the country. It’s among dozens of such sites discovered in areas abandoned by Russian troops. 

Putin Sets Partial Military Call-Up, Won’t ‘Bluff’ on Nukes

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization of reservists in Russia, in a measure that appeared to be an admission that Moscow’s war against Ukraine isn’t going according to plan after nearly seven months of fighting and amid recent battlefield losses for the Kremlin’s forces.

Hawthorn Football Club hit by ‘harrowing’ racism, bullying claims

Aboriginal players from The Hawthorn Football Club have alleged bullying by senior coaching staff.

Ukraine war: West condemns Russian plans for ‘sham’ Ukraine vote

Kyiv’s allies say they will never recognise the results of votes run by Moscow-backed authorities.

‘While Shapiro Is Not Affiliated with Any Hate Group…’: Conservative Icon Calls Out Media Critics Who Want Him ‘Canceled’

Conservative media icon Ben Shapiro is taking on his detractors in the media, saying they’ve got their hearts set on canceling him by trying to tie him to “radicals” that he isn’t tied to.

Ukraine war: Occupied areas call urgent vote to join Russia

As Ukraine’s counter-offensive gathers pace, Russian-backed officials declare plans for an urgent vote.

Turkey’s Erdogan: Russia’s Putin willing to end war

As Ukraine reclaims more land, the Turkish leader says Russia aims to end the war as soon as possible.

‘Death to the Dictator’: Iranian Protestors Call for Justice After Woman Dies in Custody

Unrest erupted in Iran’s capital on Monday to protest the death of a woman who died in custody after she was arrested for violating the country’s strict Islamic dress code.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Inaugurated Mega Free Medical Camp Organized By R K HIV AIDS Research And Care Center

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Inaugurated Mega Free Medical Camp Organized By R K HIV AIDS Research And Care Center

Lakhs of patients benefited in the camp organized by RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center, which has been named in Guinness Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records,  PM interacts with patients, 900 doctors, 1700 paramedical staff, 50 Specialist Consultant Doctors were present.

On the occasion of 72nd birthday of Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi, Gujarat’s largest mega free general medical camp was organized at Arts and Commerce College Ground located in Olpad area of ​​Surat city of Gujarat by RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center and “Doctor 365”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this mega camp digitally and was connected live for an hour. He also interacted with many patients.

Narendra Modi said that better health paves the way for a better future. With this thinking, in the last several years, we have laid special emphasis on health infrastructure as well as public awareness, prevention of diseases, prevention of diseases from becoming serious. A strong network of multi-specialty hospitals is ready in Gujarat today.

This mega medical camp was managed by the health care project “Doctor 365″ of ‘RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre’. RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre” is named in Guinness Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records, it has presented this Biggest Free Medical Camp in Gujarat.

The honorable guest of this medical camp was the Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendrabhai Patel, while this medical camp was organized on 8th September under the guidance of Mukesh Patel, Minister of Agriculture, Energy and Petrochemicals in the Government of Gujarat.

Gujarat BJP President CR Patil was present in the guest of honor here. Its project designer was Vishal Singh.

Dr Dharmendra Kumar, Chairman, RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center said that lakhs of patients had appeared here, where a lot of medicines were distributed. Lakhs of people took advantage. In which free glasses were given after eye checkup. Medicines were given free of cost after doing general health checkup. More than 900 doctors participated. More than 1700 paramedical staff were present. Coming from Mumbai, the team of more than 50 super specialist consultant doctors were available. Apart from this, tests done for many diseases like anemia, blood grouping, HIV, hepatitis etc. Medicines were given to the patients as per the need.

Dr Dharmendra Kumar said that till now we have conducted 29 thousand medical camps, examined 3 lakh patients in a day. In Jharkhand too, a medical camp was organized for one lakh patients recently.

Arrangements for food and drink were also made for all the beneficiaries in this mega medical camp organized in Surat. In this camp, many people were also given Ayushman health cards. We will also cooperate with patients who need operation, in connection with their operation in hospitals under various government schemes.

This medical camp was multi purpose. More than 29 thousand people were given glasses.

RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center has also entered the Guinness Book of World Records by organizing 29,000 health camps in the last 24 years. Seeing 3 Crore 55 Lakhs patients, there is a record of highest number of tests in the world. 96 thousand people have been operated.

Dr Dharmendra Kumar told about the program in the near future that our next program will be in Gujarat itself, which is being discussed. Final will be done in a couple of days. A mega medical camp is being organized for one lakh people in Assam on 30th September. A big medical camp will be organized in Jodhpur on 6 February 2023 in which the President will also attend. Medical camp will be organized for one lakh people in Jabalpur in March 2023.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Inaugurated Mega Free Medical Camp Organized By R K HIV AIDS Research And Care Center

My Tribute To QUEEN Elizabeth – Angel Tetarbe Miss Glamourface World India

My Tribute To QUEEN  Elizabeth  – Angel Tetarbe  Miss Glamourface World India

I Salute the Most Outstanding, beautiful n  kind heart Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

I cant forget her beautiful smile and most charming personality of this era.

After more than 70years on the throne ,Queen Elizabeth || died on Sept 8 2022.

Charles ,her eldest son became king .

King Charles ||| was officially announced as Britains Monarch on  saturday.

I really admired her from the core of my heart,for her  classic  dressing style, her accessories,beautiful hats , her way of communicating wd the people and her presence of mind with great sense of humour .

She has been the luckiest woman on this planet ever to rule for such a longest years serving to people with loyalty,respect and love.

Queen Elizabeth || was the monarch of  the UK of great Britain and Northern Ireland

She assumed the title of Queen in 1952 for more than 70years until her death on 8th sept ,22. Making her the longest ruling monarch in British History.

She was the only female member of the Royal family to enter in armed forces and served in World war ||.

She got married to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten of the royal Navy,formerly Prince philip of Greece and Denmark.

On nov 20,1947 she got married to Prince Philip,.

And the Great love story started .

Queen fell in love with Prince Philip when he was a Cadet in the British Royal Navy.

They were together in marriage for  73 years.

Queen Elizabeth attended thousands of events and ceremonies In Uk n abroad in her lifetime and till her last few days she was on her duty towards whats needed.

She was an Amazing beautiful personality and to me a great source of inspiration always.

Truly said by The  new Prime Minister Of London Liz   Truss  -“Britain Is the Great country  it is today because of her ”

The Queen had been a ubiquitous figure for an entire generation,specially in Britain.

Her love her life of service stretch beyond most of our living memories.

I pay my heartfelt tribute to a Great Legend Queen Elizabeth ||.

I pray to god, May her soul rest in peace. Gods blessings.

Angel Tetarbe  Miss Glamourface World India International Peace Ambassador”2021


My Tribute To QUEEN  Elizabeth  – Angel Tetarbe  Miss Glamourface World India

Hema Niranjan Winner Of Persona Mrs India Season 5 Will Go To South Korea To Represent India In Mrs Universe

Hema Niranjan  Winner Of Persona Mrs India Season 5  Will Go To South Korea To Represent India In Mrs Universe

TrimakRaj Entertainment Company has started organizing Persona Mrs India. Whose directors are Priyanka Banerjee, Babita Singh Varma, and Karan Singh Prince. In 2018, these people started with Sheque Mrs India. Two years after that, it was renamed Persona Mrs India because the name seemed appropriate to take it to the grand level. This year was the fifth year of Persona Mrs India. The first season took place in Jaipur, after that it has been happening in Mumbai for four years. The winner of the first season was Dr Richa while the winner of the second season was Sarina Pani. The winner of the third season is Isha Sharma. The winner of the fourth season is Dr Shraddha Borkar Wankhede. This year the two winners of the fifth season are Persona Mrs India Universe Hema Niranjan and the other is Persona Mrs India Worldwide Snigdha Mukherjee. Both of them are going to represent India at the international level this year. It will also come on Atrangi TV.

All the winners of this beauty pageant go to international pageants to represent our country India. In December this year, Hema Niranjan will travel to South Korea to participate in Mrs Universe, where she will represent India. And Snigdha Mukherjee will go to Mrs Worldwide where she will represent India.

Let us tell you that Persona Mrs India is a famous beauty pageant to recognize and honor Indian women. It’s an iconic show. Here women are respected and given a chance to represent themselves. It also has the categories of Married, Divorced, Widow and Single Mother.

Hema Niranjan  Winner Of Persona Mrs India Season 5  Will Go To South Korea To Represent India In Mrs Universe

स्मार्ट ट्रैक बैनर की भोजपुरी फिल्म “सून भईले अँगना हमार” में फ़िर दिखेगा राहुल सिंह, रेशमा शेख का जलवा

स्मार्ट ट्रैक बैनर की भोजपुरी फिल्म “सून भईले अँगना हमार” में फ़िर दिखेगा राहुल सिंह, रेशमा शेख का जलवा

भोजपुरी सिनेमा की हिट और हॉट जोड़ी रिबेल स्टार राहुल सिंह और एक्ट्रेस रेशमा शेख एक बार दर्शकों के बीच आने की पूरी तैयारी कर चुके हैं। जी हाँ! स्मार्ट ट्रेक बैनर की भोजपुरी फिल्म “सून भईले अँगना हमार” में फ़िर राहुल सिंह, रेशमा शेख का जलवा दिखेगा। उनकी यह युगल जोड़ी जल्द ही उत्तर प्रदेश के कुशीनगर के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में शूटिंग शुरू करने वाली है। यह महत्त्वपूर्ण जानकारी फ़िल्म के प्रोड्यूसर की तरफ दी गई है।

बता दें कि पिछले दिनों मुंबई में निर्माणाधीन भोजपुरी फ़िल्म “सून भईले अँगना हमार” भव्य मुहूर्त बिग लेबल पर विधिवत पूजा अर्चना करके किया गया। जिसमें फ़िल्म जुड़ी पूरी टीम एवं फ़िल्म जगत के कई विशिष्ट गणमान्य जन मौजूद रहे। सभी फ़िल्म की पूरी टीम को बधाई एवं शुभकामनाएं दीं और साथ ही फ़िल्म की सफलता की कामना की।

उल्लेखनीय है कि स्मार्ट ट्रैक बैनर के तले भव्य पैमाने पर बनाई जा रही सम्पूर्ण पारिवारिक भोजपुरी फ़िल्म सून भईले अँगना हमार का निर्माण हर वर्ग के दर्शकों को ध्यान में रखकर बनाई जा रही है। इन दिनों फ़िल्म के प्री-प्रोडक्शन का वर्क जोर शोर से किया जा रहा है। साथ ही फ़िल्म के हीरो राहुल सिंह और हीरोइन रेशमा शेख की कास्टिंग पूरी हो चुकी है। इस फ़िल्म में उदय सिंह, अनूप अरोरा प्रमुख भूमिका में नजर आएंगे, अन्य कलाकारों का चयन जारी है।

इस फिल्म की जल्द ही कास्टिंग पूरी होने के बाद उत्तर प्रदेश के कुशीनगर में बड़े कैनवास पर शुरु की जाएगी। फ़िल्म के निर्माता विशाल बाबू हैं। डायरेक्टर दिनेश पाल है। फ़िल्म के बारे अन्य जानकारी अति शीघ्र दी जाएगी।

स्मार्ट ट्रैक बैनर की भोजपुरी फिल्म “सून भईले अँगना हमार” में फ़िर दिखेगा राहुल सिंह, रेशमा शेख का जलवा

Nanmadol: Mudslides and flooding as typhoon batters Japan

Super typhoon Nanmadol has killed at least two people and injured 90 others since Sunday.

Sudan Prosecutor Ordered 4 Christians to Renounce Their Faith or Die, but Here’s What Happened Next

A Sudanese court recently dismissed apostasy charges against four Christians who had been threatened with the death penalty unless they recanted their faith, according to sources. 

Britain And The World to Lay Queen Elizabeth II to Rest

Britain and the world are laying Queen Elizabeth II to rest on Monday at a state funeral that will draw presidents and kings, princes and prime ministers — and up to a million people lining the streets of London to say a final goodbye to a monarch whose 70-year reign defined an age.

Ukraine claims control of key Oskil river on front line

Russia’s army has been almost completely pushed out of Ukraine’s north-eastern Kharkiv region.

‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Fiona Rips Through Puerto Rico, Leaves US Territory Powerless

Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico’s southwest coast on Sunday as it unleashed landslides, knocked the power grid out and ripped up asphalt from roads and flung the pieces around.

Top Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva condemns Ukraine war

Alla Pugacheva says the Kremlin’s “illusory aims” in Ukraine are making a pariah of Russia.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman not expected at Queen’s funeral

Human rights groups had criticised the decision to invite Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler.

Ukraine troops leave DR Congo peacekeeping mission Monusco

The troops are needed at home but the pull-out may leave the UN mission short of vital helicopters.

Ukraine war: Grave sites prompt calls for tribunal over Russian killings

The call comes as bodies are exhumed from hundreds of graves in areas recently liberated by Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Power back on at huge nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia

Electricity from the national grid is being directly received at the Zaporizhzhia plant.

REALMS OF LIFE Paintings – Sculptures & Graphics Exhibition by 5 contemporary artists in Jehangir

REALMS OF LIFE Paintings – Sculptures & Graphics Exhibition by 5 contemporary artists in Jehangir

From: 13th to 19th September 2022

An Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Graphics by

Tanmay Banerjee, Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee,

Arup Kumar Das, P. Partha and Pradip Ghosh. 


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda,

Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: 89108 96794


A group art exhibition showcasing the paintings, sculptures and graphics of 5 contemporary artists from W. Bengal have been displayed at Jehangir art Gallery, M. G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 13th to 19th September, 2022 between 11 am to 7 pm. It will reveal their unique artwork in various styles, mediums and techniques to illustrate the vivid realms of life.

The participating artists in this group art exhibition are:

Tanmay Banerjee, Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee, Arup Kumar Das, P. Partha and Pradip Ghosh.

Tanmay Banerjee: His sculptures in Bronze illustrate animals and other subjects which are inspired by rural life of Bengal and culture in that region. These are out of our daily life observations. He has tried to put forward their forms and emotions through his sculptures of Bull or Nandi – an animal which is considered as a symbol of strength, power and the carrier of Lord Shiva etc. His works are creative and appeal to all due to their aesthetic standards and visual perspectives.

Kabari Banerjee Mukherjee: She has made paintings using tempera on canvas. Her theme denotes old people spending their leisure time to fulfil their hobbies and doing the things they love. Her paintings try to put forward the emotional aspects of such characters in a simple and lucid style of expression.

Arup Kumar Das: His works reveals the vignettes of the vivid realms of village and urban life in Bengal and nuances of their emotional aspects on a rational plane. His style and techniques are very much appealing to all due to their uniqueness and simplicity as well as aesthetic quality.

Partha:His sculptures illustrate the combination of Beauty and Mysticism to comprehend the alluring forms of work such as “Ganesha” “Cactus” etc. He has developed his own style and techniques of creating of sculptures. His works reveal the artistic amalgamation of form and the untold stories of daily life in the relevant perspectives of art.

Pradip Ghosh: A self-taught artist from Kolkata, he has been trained in water colours and other mediums by stalwarts from Govt. Collage of Art & Craft. He has shown his work showing the landscapes and realms of village life and their different facets in this show. Earlier, he had showcased his work in leading art galleries at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. Presently working as a painter in Telecommunication Dept. of Indian Railways, his works share a dialogue with viewers due their simplicity and aesthetic standards as well as visual perspectives.

REALMS OF LIFE Paintings – Sculptures & Graphics Exhibition by 5 contemporary artists in Jehangir


Ukraine war: Biden warns Putin not to use tactical nuclear weapons

The US president says Russia will become more of a pariah than ever if such weapons are used.

War in Ukraine, Russian Oil Shortfall Spark Azerbaijan’s Latest Attack Against World’s First Official Christian Country

The war in Ukraine is having far-reaching consequences. Russia’s dwindling influence is leading to flare-ups of violence in former Soviet nations, including the world’s first official Christian country Armenia.  

Ukraine war: Mass exhumations at Izyum forest graves site

The BBC’s Orla Guerin reports from Izyum as Ukraine looks for answers at the site of hundreds of graves.

Ukrainian President: Mass Grave Found Near Recaptured City

Ukrainian authorities found a mass burial site near a recaptured northeastern city previously occupied by Russian forces, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced Thursday night.

Ukraine war: Mass grave found in liberated Izyum city – officials

More than 400 bodies are thought to be on the site in the city which Russia occupied, officials say.

Mukesh J Bharti And Manju Bharti Visit Mumbai’s Andheri Cha Raja For Ganpati Darshan

Mukesh J Bharti And  Manju Bharti Visit Mumbai’s Andheri Cha Raja For Ganpati Darshan

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the festivals that is celebrated with utmost pomp and fervour in Maharashtra. It is a 10-day long festival and there’s a positive vibe in the air on these days. The bollywood industry also looks forward to this festival. While these days hold special and sacred importance in the people’s lives, for ardent devotees, each day is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

It is an auspicious day for the country as we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with the utmost festive spirits. After celebs wished fans on social media, they went back to celebrating the festival. While Mukesh J Bharti & Manju Bharti visited Mumbai’s famous Andhericha Raja & Sahyadri Krida Mandal Ganpati Chembur offered prayers to Lord Ganesha.

Manju Bharti looked beautiful in traditional as she went to Andhericha Raja while mukesh prayers for his upcoming film “ BAND BAJA BARELLY MEIN “.

Mukesh J Bharti And  Manju Bharti Visit Mumbai’s Andheri Cha Raja For Ganpati Darshan

Church Art Celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav In Collaboration With ICCR Kolkata

Church Art Celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav In Collaboration With ICCR Kolkata

12 September 2022, Kolkata: Kolkata-based Church Art, a firm engaged in creative work of art projects that promote and preserve Indian art and culture, celebrated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and International Literacy Day in collaboration with Indian Centre for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Kolkata by organizing a dance and musical cultural program where outstanding achievers – professionals, artistes and social workers – were felicitated for their contribution to the nation.

Late Dr Sushovan Banerjee, Padma Shri, who was famous for his philanthropy, was felicitated posthumously. He was famous as `Ek Takar Doctor’ or `One Rupee Doctor’ for charging one rupee from his patients. He also entered the Guinness Book of World Records for attending the largest number of patients in his career spanning nearly six decades.

“For the past 25 years, Church Art has carried out projects which blend aesthetics, art, innovation, engineering skills, human values and moral appeal. Our aim is to preserve and promote Indian art and culture all over the world. We also advocate sustainable development and forge inter-faith harmony through various events, programs and projects. Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav was a unique opportunity to felicitate outstanding achievers who have silently contributed to the society and human welfare,” said Mr Subrata Ganguly, founder and head of Church Art who has worked with prestigious organisations, schools, museums and government utilities. Church Art is a non-profit creative wing of Lokenath Engineering and Products based out of Kolkata.

Addressing the gathering, Ms Minakshi Mishra, Director, ICCR East, congratulated and lauded Church Art’s contribution and for collaborating with ICCR.

“I congratulate Church Art for the kind of social work they are doing and also for the under-privileged children, providing technical skills upgradation and support. It is a matter of great pride. Church Art is like a bridge between society and technology and they are also preserving our ancient enriched culture,” said Mr Yatish Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director, Braithwaite & Co Ltd, in a message.

“Church Art has a deep understanding of local and Indian culture which is well reflected in their various creative works and projects which combine aesthetics, culture, social messaging and also display engineering skills of a high standard. I wish them the very best in all their future endeavours,” said Mr A K  Dubey, Principal Chief Engineer (PCE) Sealdah Division, Eastern Railway, who was felicitated by Church Art.

Among those felicitated at the function were Head of ICCR East, Ms Minakshi Mishra, former ICCR regional head, Goutam De, Bishop P K George of Miao Diocese, Arunachal Pradesh, Fr N T Scaria, a veteran working with prisoners and prison reforms, Father C M Paul, Fr Franklin Menzes, Senior Railway officials Mr A K Dubey, Mr Yatish Kumar, Mr S P Singh, Mr V K Singh, Mr SS Priyadarshi, Dr Anjan Chattaraj and Dr Mandira Chattaraj, Mr Indrajit Basu, flautist, Mr Bhaskar Mukherjee, guitarist and cultural group Anandodhoni led by Mr Raja Bhattacharya and Ms Keya Biswas and performing arts group Nivedia Shakti led by Aastame Sharmishtha.

“We should all pay more attention to our neighbours and those in need and help them. Let us, on this 75th Anniversary of India’s Freedom, make a resolve to help India become great and prosperous. I congratulate Church Art for their good work and wish them the very best,” said Bishop P K George, Diocese of Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. Bishop George has been working in the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh with tribals for the past six decades. He has created education and healthcare infrastructure in the North East.

Fr N T Scaria from West Midnapore, who was felicitated by Church Art, runs an initiative – Don Bosco Prison Ministry – to reform, release, rehabilitate and re-integrate prisoners. Nearly 50,000 prisoners and their families have directly or indirectly benefited from Fr Scaria’s efforts. Fr Scaria also started the only recognized motor driving training school in a prison.

Artistes, school children and musical exponents regaled the audience with their performance and renditions of flute and guitar.

Church Art Celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav In Collaboration With ICCR Kolkata

Troll Song From The Film Banaras Released With A Punch Line – Money Doesn’t Matter

Troll Song From The Film Banaras Released With A Punch Line – Money Doesn’t Matter

Zaid Khan & Sonal Monteiro starrer film Banaras, which is  releasing Pan India on 4th November has released a new Party Song with the title Troll. The song Composed by Ajnesh Loknath & Sung by Nakash Aziz is going to be the new Party Anthem. The listener’s are already humming it’s punch Line “Money doesn’t Matter”.

Banaras is a mysterious Love story & the film has already created a huge buzz among the public with its intriguing promotional content.

After releasing the motion poster and first two Songs, the makers have now released the Troll Party Song in T Series YouTube Channel. Singer Nakash Aziz’s voice is going to pep up the party mood .

The song showcases the dancing abilities of actor Zaid Khan and it is tranquilizing the listener’s mood.

The song shot in Bangkok with a huge crowd is a true party popper which is youthful and entertaining. It has been garnering good response on YouTube and it seems to create a record in the coming days as well.

Banaras film  is directed by Bell Bottom fame Jayatheerta and the film will be releasing Pan India in 5 languages Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil &  Malayalam .

Troll Song From The Film Banaras Released With A Punch Line – Money Doesn’t Matter

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping: An increasingly unequal relationship

The two leaders hold talks but it’s not quite a case of best friends forever, writes the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg.

As War in Ukraine Goes On, Operation Blessing Continues to Demonstrate God’s Love Among Ukrainian Refugees

The war between Russia and Ukraine is in its eighth month. In the middle of the conflict and suffering, Operation Blessing continues to support and help Ukrainian refugees in Poland and internally displaced Ukrainians in their country.

Putin-Xi talks: Russian leader reveals China’s ‘concern’ over Ukraine

But he also thanked President Xi for his “balanced position” on Russia’s invasion.

Wagner Group: Head of Russian mercenary group filmed recruiting in prison

Yevgeniy Prigozhin offered prisoners their freedom in exchange for six months service in Ukraine.

Xi, Putin Hold Summit in Uzbekistan as Ukraine War Dominates

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and leaders from India and Central Asian nations headed to Uzbekistan on Thursday for a summit of a security group formed by Beijing and Moscow as a counterweight to U.S. influence.

Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films International 2022 Has Been Done In 27th July At 5 Star Hotel Habtoor Grand Resort JBR In Dubai

Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films International 2022 Has Been Done In 27th July At 5 Star Hotel Habtoor Grand Resort  JBR In Dubai

Kalyanji Jana’s initiative to further strengthen relations between India and UAE

Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films Organization (DPIAF) NGO, DPIAF- Roti & Kapda Bank, Presents Prestigious Award Show Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films International 2022 has been done at Dubai’s luxurious five star hotel Habtoor grand resort on 27th July.

Its purpose is that  Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji is the father of Bollywood Cinema. But Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji is not getting the respect he deserves. The person who should be worshiped like God by the people of the entire industry, is not being done. Seeing the same For the first time, an award show named by Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji has been done successfully in Dubai through Kalyanji Jana, who is the Founder Chairperson of Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films Organization (DPIAF), Global President Ankita Jana, National President Bheru Jain and National Youth President Gaurav Anil Shah, UAE- Senior President Jitendra Kumar Singla UAE- President Dr. Bu Abdullah, UAE-vice president Jitendra matrani, UAE- mahila vice president jagruti Soni, Dubai- President Sheikh Kaleem & Leena Naresh Vatnani & Nagma Khan,

Although there are many award shows in Mumbai under the name of Dadasaheb Phalke icon Award films (DPIAF) Organisation, but this is the first award show outside India in Dubai.  Kalyanji Jana and his team are taking Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji to the international level. The purpose of this award function is that Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji should be known all over the world Apart from Bollywood, regional cinema of different states has also been possible only because of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji.

Kalyanji Jana says that our film industry has completed 109 years, but there is no statue of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji anywhere. In, Mumbai his 15-foot statue Kalyanji is going to be built, he is being supported by the Cabinet Minister of the Government of India, Shri Purushottam Rupala ji, the Minister of the Government of India, Shri Ramdas Athawale ji & Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste ji the MP of North Mumbai Shri Gopal Shetty ji and the President of FWICE Shri BN Tiwari ji,

A great statue of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji is going to be built soon in Mumbai. In cinema halls, where shooting is done, there should be a photo of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke ji. When the film starts in the theatre, his photo should appear on the screen after the Rashtra Geet. We remember him with so much respect, he should be awarded Bharat Ratna. The highest tax to the Government of India goes from Bollywood industry.

Apart from the Dadasaheb Phalke’s name award function done in Dubai, also successful  DPIAF – Miss & Mrs India & Dubai International Cultural Fashion Show 2022 where culture tourism from 28 states of our country will be presented. This will be the first such show. Along with this, culture tourism of seven states of UAE including Dubai will be introduced. In this way the culture tourism of India and UAE is being presented simultaneously. This is going to happen for the first time in history. At the same time, we are trying to tell the people of UAE that you only visit India once and you do not need to visit 35 countries. At the same time, we are also appealing to the people of India that if you go to UAE, then you will have the best experience of tourism there. Through this fashion show, we are working to bring the two countries together, increase the business opportunity  Kalyanji Jana and his team are taking this step to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.


Apart from this, the DPIAF – Life style Iconic Award 2022 will be given to those people who have made their life style through struggle.

With this is done Honorary Doctorate award, by St. Mother Theresa University (USA). These 4 events done in Dubai.

Kalyanji Jana told that I sincerely thank you

Shri Pahlad Modi ji (brother pradhanmantri Shri Narendra Modi ji)

Shri Shyam Jaju ji (BJP National vice president)

Mr Jitendra Kumar Singla chairman (JK group of companies – UAE)

Mr Jitendra maltani UAE samaj sevak and businessman

Mr Rizwan Sajan (chairman Danube properties,

senior businessman and senior builder UAE )

Vinita madam (business woman)

Nagma Khan (chairman Shaaz media)

Mr Sachin Katarnawre (chairman 5G International)

Ajay harinath Singh (chairman  Darwin platform group of companies and senior businessman)

Rakhi Sawant actress

Ali Quli Mirza singer

Raaj Suri (chairman 3rd rock multimedia and film company)

Sheikh Kaleem ( businessman Oman and Dubai and chairman Majan group)

Dpiaf – Global President Ankita Jana, National DPIAF -President Bheru Jain, DPIAF- National Youth President Gaurav Anil Shah, DPIAF – National Advisor BN Tiwari Ji & Abhijeet Rane ji,

Dr. Yogesh Lakhani (chairman bright outdoor media private limited)

DPIAF- National Legal Advisor Shailesh Dubey ji,

UAE -senior president Jitendra Kumar Singla ji

UAE – DPIAF President Dr BU Abdullah ji,

UAE -vice president Jitendra maltani ji,

UAE -mahila vice president Jagriti Soni,

UAE Dubai President Sheikh Kalemm & Leena Naresh Vatnani ji,

Actor Adil durani,

Model and actress Dr. Neelam Paradia,

Khaleej Times CT Times Dubai, Wityz company, news India, Santosh Kumar Gupta,

DJ Ram,

Actor tahil Kamal Khan

Amit bambulkar and Abhishek bambulkar

And bheru Jain all family member,

Very very Special thank you all lovely sponsors,

JK group of companies, 5G International, Danube properties, Darwin group of companies, wow records, Bulwark con chem companies, shaaz media,

Manoj Kumar Sharma, G V2 Gabx Token Vikas Radheshyam,

3rd Rock multimedia and film, bright outdoor Media private limited, Majan group, Siddhivinayak trophy and gifts, Bitica, Fwice, Indian Cinephile A complete media house,

my daughter Avika Jana, Mata Shankari Jana and Aarti bambulkar, father Bimal Jana, all members of the DPIAF team, DPIAF – creative head Mahesh Bhai.

I am very thankful God Har Har Mahadev,

He further said that in Dubai we are not only going to do this show but we are going to present India’s culture tourism there, we want to show that India is such a beautiful country, to unite both the countries. Today, the big stars, directors, are because of only one person whose name is Shri Dadasaheb Phalkej i .

All Awardee winner 2022 in Dubai

Dadasaheb Phalke icon Award films International

Erika Fernandes (Best Iconic Face of The Year),

Adil Durrani (Best New face of the year),

Chinki-Minki (Best Icon Jodi Comedy TV),

Priya Gupta ( National Best Womens Chef pride Award),

Rakhi Sawant ( Best Entertainer & Human Being),

Arjun Bijlani  (Most Popular Anchor TV,

Gauahar Khan  (Best Supporting Actress -14 Phere),

Afsana Khan ( Best Singer Female),

Ankita Lokhande (Best Popular Face TV Actress),

Mudassar Khan(Best Show Judge Dance India Dance),

Ali Quli Mirza (Wins Award for wallah Kaif Song & Ishqum,

Kavita Kedia(Confident and Beautiful Queen),

Bijal Doshi  ( F & B Life Style Icon),

Dr. Neelam Paradia ( Excellence in Clinical & Cosmetic Dentistry),

Mr. Anuj Chuke ( Best Celebrity Manager Bollywood),

Mrs. Nayala (Best International Brindle Makeup artist),

Vishanti Coutoncar (Social Activist),

Dr. Anil Sureen (MD-Medicine, Premier NLP Trainer /Coach & Mentor (ICF-PCC),

Srishti Tiwari (CEO N Founder Of “Naari By Srishti” Best Fashion Designer),

Samadhan Hire (Social Worker),

Bharat Bhai Bhatt ( Humanity Services),

Payal Kathuria (Best Model & Actress),

Vinod Bachchan (Soundrya Production- Iconic Independent Producer Of The Year), Rajesh Puri  (Best Legend Actor)

Mr. Rizwan Sajan ( Founder & Chairman Of Danube Group),

Simaran Ahuja (Best Celebrity Iconic Anchor),

Prashant Sharma ( Best Journalist News India),

Monish Behl  (Best Icon Businessman & Fact News & Media Network),

Nishant Sharma  ( Best IT Expert),

Deeksha Sharma ( Best News Channel News India),

Namita Rajhans & Tasneem Lathiwala ( Best Artist Reputation Management Shimmer Entertainment),

Lakhimai Sarmah  Jorhat ( Assam Writer),

Renu Das ( Guwahati Assam Social Worker),

Dr. Asha Changmai Khanikar ( Socio Cultural Workar, Folk Dancer(Bihu),

Ajay Harinath Singh Darwin Platform Group of Companies chairmen (Best Icon Businessman 2022),

Amrita Singh  ( Philanthropist Best social worker),

Harjyot Oberoi  Bohra ( Influential Women in Media Industry),

Vivek Mishraa ( Playback Singer and Actor),

Shrutika Gaokkar ( Film Actor),

Purvesh Mehta  ( Motor Trade- Best Businessman),

Kiku Sharda ( Best comedian TV 2022),

Jitendra Kumar Singla ( Best Icon Businessman (UAE),

Arjan Bajwa ( Best Actor for Amazon Series-Bestseller),

Meena Sethi Mondal ( Educationist and Film Producer),

Dr. Syed A. Mehndi (Best Icon Businessman 2022),

Amiee Misobbah ( Bollywood Upcoming model and Actress),

Dr. Fasi Khurram ( Founder, Producer and Festival Director WFF & World Oscars Awards),

Nivedita Basu ( Best content Creator TV & OTT 2022),

Raminder Singh  Founder and CEO. Celebfie (Most Visionary and Innovative Entrepreneur in the entertainment Industry),

Samir Mulla ( Blockchain Counsellor and motivational Speaker),

Dr. Sahil Kadari  ( Bitica Blockchain Founders & CEO /CMD Block beats Companies),

Satish Sanpal (Owner of VII Club),

Mrs Shikha Sahu (Best International Iconic Model),

Ivan Kazi ( Founder and Chairman Rama Real Estate),

Fasi Khurram ( Founder, Producer & Festival Director WFF and World Oscars Awards, Sana Islam Khan (Cute Face of 2022),

Nikki Tamboli (Super hot celebrity),

Suraj Jumani ( Emerging Business Icon),

Ravinder Soni ( CEO Influential Business Icon UAE),

Dr. Pradnya ( Excellence in Sports Medicine),

Hari Singh  ( Alternative  Medicine And Therapist),

Fazil Ahammad  (Cloud Nine Event  Management L.L.C),

Raaj Suri ( 3rd Rock Multimedia),

Wow Records (Capt Vikram Pandey),

Nagma Khan  ( Best Management Company UAE),

Akansha Puri  ( Mika dii voti Winner),

Memory of late Shikhaji( Danaos Ship Management),

Abhishek Nigam ( Best Brother Jodi TV),

Siddharth Nigam (Best Brother Jodi TV),

Nikita Rawal (Best Actress and Dancer),

Adnaan Shaikh ( Best Instagram Influencer),

Abhishek Bajaj ( Best Personality Actor),

 Donal Bisht ( Best Personality Female TV),

Yogesh Lakhani ( Best Outdoor Media Partner Bright),

Gaurav S. Bajaj ( Best Chocolate Hero TV),

Yuvika Chaudhary ( Best Energetic Actress),

Punkaj Berry ( Best Supporting Actor),

Neha Silva  ( Fashion Show Participate),

Vicky Jain ( Best Debutant TV),

Darshan Kumar  ( Best Actor Male Kashmir Files),

Mourjo Chatterjee ( Best Celebrity Manager),

Ali Merchant ( Best Actor, Anchor and Dj),

Zaid Darbar (Best Dancer and influencer ),

Ms. Sana Sajan ( Woman Achiever Of The Year),

Ms. Shabnam Kassam  ( Brand that Cares- CSR Initiative of the Year),

Ms. Vinita Hirani – Rising Star- PR and Marketing Manager Of the year),

Dr. Jiana Shah ( World Record Holder World Book of Record London- Best Child Prodigy 2022),

Saran Sasi Kumar (Renowned young Artist of Dubai UAE),

Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films International 2022 Has Been Done In 27th July At 5 Star Hotel Habtoor Grand Resort  JBR In Dubai

Basil Paul Paranayil is in future to take a mass demonstration and rally and showcase the issue of Mullaperiyar Dam

Basil Paul Paranayil is in future to take a mass demonstration and rally and showcase the issue of Mullaperiyar Dam

Dr Basil Paul Paranayil Is A Man on Noble Mission Determined to Save 60 lakhs life of Kerala People

One selfless man who is more concerned about others than himself is Basil Paul Paranagil who is on a mission to save 60 lakh life of Kerala people trying to protect Mullaperiyar dam which is constructed 129 year old and is among the oldest 9 dams in the world .

Basil Paul met the Ramdas Athawale in Mumbai (Ministry of social Justice and Empowerment) for supporting to save 60 lakh plus people of Kerala and to help and support to re structure and build new dam. Basil Paul is in talking terms with Kerala and Central Government to take immediate action in this regards.

The Mullaperiyar Dam agreement was sign by Maharaja Visakham Thirunal. The construction work of the new day started in 1886.British engineer Colonel John Pennycook was in charge of construction of the dam. The construction of the dam failed twice due to the force of the work flow in Periyar. When India got Independence in 1947, Bala Ramavarma ,who was ruling Travancore at that time ,abrogated the Mullaperiyar agreement under the Indian Independence Act and announced Perumbara Koti throughout Travancore.From 1st to 5th Januarary 1941 ,Sir Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyeram participated in the trial. On May 12,1941 ,the verdict announced by the umpire was in favour of Travancore .Sir C.P . said that he informed the Viceroy that while Dunsi was earning 25 lakhs per annum from water ,Travancore was getting only 40,000 per annum and the injustice could not continue. It was this supplementary agreement signed between Kerela and Tamil Nadu on 29th May 1970 ,which proved to be very beneficial for Tamil Nadu and a setback for Kerala in legal battles.

The Bankio Dam in China collapsed. A famous hydrologist in China had given warning that the dam would collapse.

Basil Paul Paranayil is in future to take a mass demonstration and rally and showcase the issue through  documentary to the world and is determined to win for the cause and became a savior.

More Than 60 Lakh People In Kerala Have No Protection For Their Life And Property Because Of Mullaperiyar Dam

Ukraine war: Evacuation plea after major dam hit by strikes

The southern city of Kryvyi Rih is at risk of flooding as water levels rise rapidly, officials warn.

The ‘Red Market’: How China Dominates the Grisly Underground Trade in Human Organs

Human organs are a hot commodity in today’s world where people want to live longer, and transplantation has become easier. Known as the ‘Red Market,’ this lucrative underground economy is booming. 

Mikhail Gorbachev: The Man God Used to Open Up the Former Soviet Union to the Gospel

Much has been written about Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the Soviet Union (USSR), following his death Aug. 30, age 91. But almost nothing has been said about his greatest and most enduring glasnost achievement: opening up this vast region of atheistic communism to the freedom of the Gospel message.

Kharkiv offensive: Ukraine targets east after rapid counter-offensive

Kyiv’s troops are targeting towns in the Donbas region, the main focus of Russia’s invasion.

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